Why Plum? – The Best Lunch Delivery!

Can’t decide what to eat for Lunch? Got Cravings? Hungry?

Singapore, it’s the foodie haven. Our local food options are endless but we know it’s close to impossible to explore them all, especially with our hectic work schedules. Over here, we make the impossible possible. We are going to bring your local delicacies, right to your work table.

What’s Plum?  We are a food tech company that aims to bring you the best foods from eateries and restaurants all over Singapore, nearer to you. Let us introduce to you what we here at Plum do and we guarantee that you’ll be hooked when you order your lunch with us!


With so many food delivery options available, you’re definitely spoilt for choice! However, did you know that at Plum, you do not have to pay any delivery fee? Yes, you saw right, there is no delivery fee and also, no minimum order. This means you’re paying exactly the price you see on our app, no hidden charges or taxes at all!

Our Plumsters are dedicated to serving you Lunch from Monday to Friday. We have many pick-up points in several locations, including CBD, Raffles, Marina, Tanjong Pagar, Science Park and One North.  You can pick up your lunch at your convenience and our friendly Plumsters will be ready to serve you with a smile. 😀

Our Menu and Food

Imagine this. Your local chicken rice could taste awesome on a Monday but would you eat the same thing over and over again throughout the week? What if you crave for certain dishes but the stall’s location is a little far?  How about ordering and waiting for your meal, only to find out it tastes awful? That’s the worst!

Do not fear, Plum is here to do the legwork for you. We are the answers your lunchtime woes. 💪🏼

When you order at Plum:

  • We curate and change our menu every day so you’ll never get sick of eating the same food. We narrow and feature 6-8 dishes a day, making lunch decisions effortless for you.
  • Our prices range from hawker prices to restaurant prices, so you may pamper yourself and not burn a huge hole in your wallet.
  • Our menu boasts of many delicious appetizers, desserts, and snacks because we know you have a sweet tooth.
  • We also have secret off-menu items, exclusively for our Plumfoodies (That’s you!) shhhhh!

Quality Control

Quality is something we will never compromise. We hold our meals to high standards and here’s how we do it

How we plan our menu:

  • Famous dishes – Here at Plum, we have a team of Plumsters ready to scout only the best restaurants and hawker stall. We will travel across the island, (literally) to bring you the tastiest dishes for you.
  • Food Tasting – Before we put a dish on a menu, we make sure that every dish goes through a stringent food taste test. Regular reviews and follow-ups are also conducted to ensure that the quality and taste of the food is top-notch.
  • Temperature – Nobody likes a hot dish served cold and vice versa. Hence we carry quality food delivery bags to ensure your food remains at the ideal temperature for your consumption.
  • Hygiene – We care about hygiene. We take precautions to ensure your meal is safely handled and there will be zero contamination.


Here at Plum, it’s more than just a lunch, it’s a community. Beside than serving you your awesome meal, we are serving up lots of other perks to you!

  • Our friendly team – Our pickup points are always armed with friendly Plumsters, ready to serve you your meal and lots of happiness too!
  • Live Chat and Call – Want to find out more about our menu? Feel free to call us at +65 6631 2720 or email us at info@plumfood.com.sg. We also have a live chat on our Plum app so do not hesitate to give us your feedback.
  • Loyalty Programs – We are thankful for all our Plumfoodies and we want to show it! For every meal ordered with us, you’re entitled to a stamp. Collect 10 and enjoy the 11th meal on us.
  • Interesting Events and campaigns –  There’s something for everyone! Monthly events and campaigns will be launched exclusively to our Plumfoodies, making lunch delicious and SO EXCITING!


Explore our foodie heaven right at the touch of your fingertips! Now that you’ve heard what we have to say, what are you waiting for? Join us for the food hunt and download our app here.


Check Out our Official Video Here: PlumFood Video



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