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Here’s 5 secrets you never knew about mooncakes.

Panda mooncakes? Mooncakes as weapons? We’re not lunar-tics, these are absolutely true! Mid-Autumn Festival happens on 24th September this year. In Singapore, it is an occasion where we walk around toting bright lanterns, watch the children line their candles along pavements and indulge in the must-have mooncakes! Here are 5 secrets about mooncakes that you probably never knew!

1. Mooncakes were used to win wars.

Long ago, a rumour was spread that mooncakes were the cure for a deadly plague. The mooncakes were distributed to the masses and each contained a hidden message to kill the enemy on (you guessed it!) Mid Autumn Festival and they eventually managed to overthrow their oppressors.

Talk about killer mooncakes!

2. Mooncakes were banned to curb corruption.

Part of Mid Autumn Festival was exchanging gifts and many Chinese officials used public funds to purchase expensive mooncakes, giving rise to corruption. In 2014, the Chinese government placed a mooncake ban to put an end to using public funds on mooncakes.

3. Different types and flavours of mooncakes originated from various parts of China.

In different parts of China, people make different mooncakes! In Beijing, mooncakes were baked with a thin crust and sweet red bean filling. In Guangzhou, salty is the way to go. Their mooncakes are made with Guangzhou lotus seeds and egg yolk sometimes garnished with nuts and fruits. Did you know snow skin mooncakes were actually invented from a humble bakery in Hong Kong?

4. Pandas also eat mooncakes!

Yep, you have heard it right – Pandas can eat mooncakes too. Special mooncakes are baked for these cuties for luck and prosperity annually.

Yummy in my tummy!

5. Mooncakes are more than just about the moon.

In the past, mooncakes were offered to the moon god for longevity and prosperity but now, the round mooncake meant completeness, family reunions and togetherness. This Mid Autumn Festival, celebrate your family and friends with Plum. We’ve partnered with IronSupperClub to bring you 4 premium flavours, perfecting for sharing with your loved ones.


Featuring IronSupperClub’s Red Velvet Mooncake

With exciting flavours like Red Velvet, Mixed Nuts and a Limited Edition Charcoal Baked Single Yolk, these treats are available at an exclusive Plum price just for you! IronSupperClub is dedicated to enabling Persons with Disabilities (PWD) and these mooncakes will be packed and prepared by their Intellectually Disabled (ID) staff and their Special Needs staff, talk about good food with a good cause!

Mooncakes are up for preorders from 10th-21st Sept and collection day will be on 24th Sept. First 100 customers will get a free lantern with every order of mooncakes so hurry and pre-order, these are selling like hotcakes! (or should we say mooncakes)

Order your mooncakes from the Plum app now.

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