Janie’s Specialities – Filling tummies and filling hearts

Tucked away in a construction site at Upper Serangoon is a hidden gem that nobody had any clue about (boy, did we get lucky!). Presenting our latest addition to our Plum menu: Janie’s specialities – a small nondescript stall serving fragrant traditional desserts and snacks that we absolutely love.

Presenting one of Janie’s best-sellers: Suan Pan Zi (算盘子) – A signature Hakka dish originating from Dapu, Guandong Province, This Yam Gnocchi is handmade daily with fresh yam and tapioca flour then stir-fried with various savoury aromatics.


One day in June, curious Janie approached our friendly Plumster on the streets and asked what Plum does. After some chats, we found out that Janie actually runs a small business in order to supplement her partner’s and her expenses over the years. This self-made entrepreneur and chef decided to open a stall at a very unconventional location – inside a construction site (not accessible to the public).

Janie stopped to say 'Hi!' to our friendly team.
Janie stopped to say ‘Hi!’ to our friendly team.

About Janie’s Specialties

Janie serves sweet and savoury treats exclusively to the hardworking employees working within the site. As the site is strictly prohibited to the public, this means her tasty treats is strictly off-limits to the public! Janie beckoned us to follow her and try her dishes and she guaranteed it would taste really good.

Without skipping a beat, we said YES (There’s a reason why we are called Plumfoodies!). We were more than happy to follow Janie back to her stall to try these off-the-grid delicacies.

Here’s a sneak peek of Janie’s humble stall where she serves up amazing dishes daily.

We bought her best-sellers for the Plum team back in the office to taste test. The results? Superb!

The snacks were well received and everyone was full of praise. Janie explained that although rent is low in the construction site, it is difficult to make ends meet because of the low orders. She was actually contemplating whether she should shut down her business by the end of this year.

Janie’s serves up a classic traditional dessert – Green Bean Soup. This nostalgic dish is made from scratch and sweetened with fresh Gula Melaka. Yum!


Our mission

Here at Plum, we are not just a food service. We want to bring lunch happiness to not only our customers but for our vendors as well. We knew Janie’s specialities were absolutely delicious and it’s a huge pity it’s not available to the general public. As such, we are honoured to invite Janie to hop on our Plum platform and feature her dishes. It not only provides exposure for Janie, it allows our beloved customers to get their hands on these divine desserts!

As such, the Plum team proudly presents Janie’s specialities. It is available ONLY for our Plum users so download the Plum app and order away!

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