A Plum Father’s Day Celebration


Father’s Day may feel like just another Sunday, not because we don’t love our dads enough but because most Asian dads are nonchalant about it. With stoic and stern dispositions, most Asian dads come off cold and rarely show their affection. However, it does not mean they love their kids any lesser.

Here at Plum, we want to celebrate all types of fathers out there because we are thankful for all that these heroes have done for us.


"We love you papa!"

This Father’s day, we wanted to make it a little more special for some of our Plumfoodies and here’s how we did it!

In the past two weeks

During our lunch collections, our Plumfoodies wrote heartfelt messages to their dads, telling them how much their fathers meant to them. After looking through many thoughtfully penned words, we’ve picked 2 messages that touched our hearts most. We decided to surprise these two featured dads with mystery boxes chock full of wholesome goodies worth $100 each.

We are excited to announce that our chosen Plumfoodies were:

Plumfoodie Jezarine Loh
To Mr Loh Ah Lek
“Hero of 4 daughters <3
Words that are stuck in my throat, I couldn’t find the right time and right way to tell you, thank you and I love you, daddy. You’ve been diagnosed with Parkinson’s for 20 years, cannot work nor drive, but you made an effort to cook dinner for us every day and go to the market. Best daddy! <3”

Plumfoodie Jovine
To Mr Ho Kek Pang
“Hi, My dear old father,
You’re walking slower now, talking slower now, but your clear mindedness & steadfastness towards what’s right and wrong will always guide me and encourage me. I am glad you are my father.”


Also, special mention to Corine, whose message to her own mom touched our hearts.


Plumfoodie Corine
To Mdm Agnes Chua
“My dad has passed on and my mum is my mum/dad. She works non-stop for our family and I am grateful to her. It is now my turn to work hard and repay her. “


The Surprise

After selecting our winners, we needed some assistance for the surprise. We contacted our winners and they were more than happy to provide us with the details and locations of their father. After much planning and preparation, it was go-time!

The first winner’s dad we surprised was Mr Ho, who was definitely not expecting us! (The Daughter actually told him that there’s a parcel from Korea) Our plumsters then explained what his daughter has done for him and read out the sweet word’s she’s thoughtfully written for him in this Father’s day.


Here's Plumster Damien with Mr Ho!


With cheerful goodbyes, the Plum team set off to surprise another deserving father. Upon arrival, the friendly Plumsters definitely brought on some confusion but that was shortly diffused with laughter and smiles as the team was warmly welcomed.

Due to a long-term illness, speaking has posed a huge challenge for Mr Loh. However, words were not needed because after hearing what his daughter wrote for him, Mr Loh’s touched expressions say it all.


Plumlord Amerlin giving Mr Loh his gift!


We want to thank all Plumfoodies who participated in this meaningful campaign and of course the fathers, whom without them, this would not be possible. To all participants, we have a special surprise for you. Do keep a lookout in your inbox for that!

Here’s hoping our little surprises can make  Father’s Day a little more special. We know our dads aren’t the best at expressing themselves, but deep down we know they still love us in their own special way.


Here’s wishing all the fathers out there, a Happy Fathers’ Day!



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