Plum hits Singapore Food Expo 2018

Our Plumsters Damien and Leon starved themselves just to bring some kickass coverage on the Singapore Food Expo 2018.

Always here for food and excitement, let our curation team lead you on an adventurous and amazing food journey to see what’s great and the bustling fair!


A hit of nostalgia! Bukit Ba Zhang and assorted kuehs!

So we found out that egg tarts are actually made like that… The fragrant egg curd scent filled the room. We immediately got hungry!

Plum Pick #1 – Hugeass crispy squid, as huge as our faces, grilled with a savoury sauce, and for $4.50 this was DEFINITELY worth it!

Plum Pick #2 – $1 Chicken Rice! We didn’t have high hopes, but Leon digged out a gold coin and we were amazed! Small portion but succulent tender chicken over fragrant rice! This would have passed our curation tests… If only we could serve this to you guys!

Plum Pick #3 – All items at $2! We felt we were at a Taiwan night-market with their super braised pork rice!

Dodo Booth! 8 pcs for $3.00! Finally we could try their inventory – we used to only see them in supermarket freezers and wondered how they tasted!

Leon making sure no stone is unturned- just like how we curate our meals to ensure the best quality for your lunches.

Plumster Leon – ” wa i damn full sia but i need to curate!!!”

Well we can see who loves his job 😀

Plum Pick #4 – Jumbo size well filtered sugar cane to wash it all down. Shiok!

We’ve had great fun over the weekend at the food expo, we’d love to hear your picks!

This is the start of our coverage for the food scene in Singapore!
If you’ve missed this fair, fret not! We’ve got this list to keep you foodies in the loop!



Singapore Food Expo 2018 Official Website: https://www.singaporefoodexpo.org.sg


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